MOOC: Surprising first reflections on #edcmooc

So I finally made the commitment to sign-up and try a MOOC, or a Massively Open Online Course. My course of choice has been “e-Learning and Digital Cultures“, which looks at how our online lives are bleeding into our physical presence. The course challenges students to reflect on the positive and negative impacts technology has had on culture, community, citizenship – and what effects this has had on learning, teaching & education.

I typically sit on the front end of the technology adoption curve – not an innovator, but an early adopter. I am fascinated by technology and how it is influencing consumer behaviour, organizational structure, and even neighbourhoods & families. I am working in higher education and have taught digital marketing to undergraduate students. So this course seemed like a natural fit for me.

Amazing how sitting on the other side of the proverbial desk changes your perspective almost instantly. Although intrigued by the initial videos and lecture materials posted to the course website, my immediate reaction was how drastically different this course was from any prior educational experience I had in a higher education institution. It brought me to thinking of my children, who are growing up immersed in technology from their infancy, even though I admittedly am delaying introducing them to devices and video games for as long as possible. What will education look and feel like in fifteen, twenty years from now? We see so many discussions and debates today on the news, internet sites, from experts in the field, on how education must change to fit today’s learners. And then in only one course I see the window of possibility. I believe the current is there.. just starting to turn the tides.


One thought on “MOOC: Surprising first reflections on #edcmooc

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog–sounds much like my experience. I can’t find your blog in the RSS feed…need #edcmooc in title.

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