Long way from the future.. #edcmooc

reading bag… maybe all of these visions for technology in schools (good or bad) are farther away than we thought. In the evening, I’m pondering the future of education and the role that technology will play in my eLearning & Digital Culture MOOC (#edcmooc). But in the morning, I pack my kids back-packs, with their plastic zip-lock bags for ‘note totes’ — my main form of communication with the teachers in their class. Although some teachers use email at the school, others only use it sporadically. In a developed country, urban middle-class neighbourhood.

So, as much as we ponder this very tech-centric future, the reality today is, even with all of the technology around us, schools are still lacking in how technology is integrated into the classroom. Most certainly some schools out there are much more progressive than the scenario that I describe — but does this create an unfair advantage? Will private schools who can afford to invest and fund technology in the class like the models we have seen be the catalysts? Will the divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ continue to grow as other schools lag behind?

I am certain that the next generation of teachers will be more tech-savvy in their communication styles and learning environments. But in the meantime, our kids, who use technology seamlessly in many aspects of their lives, still use plastic note-totes.


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