I wear a few hats. I love technology – but mostly I am fascinated with how technology can transform businesses, industries, behaviours, relationships. It is the dynamics of technology and people that truly make me tick.

I’ve played many different roles in my career to date – it’s been a balancing act between marketing, technology, & strategic planning. Most recently, I’ve assumed a role in Human Resources as an analyst, specifically looking at technology and bringing in new systems, processes, and solutions to improve how we serve our employees. In the end, I’m always in the same place: how can technology improve the way we do things – internally or externally. How can we create a harmonious relationship between technology and people – customers or employees.

I have two children. The fill up my heart and my days in every way possible. The future for them is so different. Technology is nothing new – it is a part of every day life. They will use it in ways we can’t yet imagine. I want to be a part of an education system that inspires kids like mine to be the best they can. I feel we have a long way to go, but the embers are there today.

This blog will have bits and bytes of all aspects of my life. It will be a bit messy. But that’s kind of me. 🙂


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