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The chase for ratings, and its impact on the classroom

As part of my Foundations in Educational Technology course at UBC with Prof. Matiul Alam, we read Bourdieu’s article “On Television”. One of the themes that particularly stood out for me was the theme about “sensationalization” of the news on television. As Bourdieu points out, many people today rely on the TV for their only source of news, … Continue reading

Technology in Education: Bottom-up, or Top-down?

When it comes to education & technology, what comes first, the chicken, or the egg? Is primary & K-12 education pushing post-secondary institutions to be more innovative, or is higher education leading the charge? Or, are both simply responding to the inevitable shift in expectations, behaviours and learning preferences of students? It’s interesting, I work in … Continue reading

Blurred Lines #edcmooc

And no, I’m not talking about the controversial song by Robin Thicke. I’m talking about how humans and technology are increasingly overlapping, interacting, merging into one and the same. Although not as popular as the internet ragings of Mylie Cyrus and her performance at the MTV music awards, critically exploring the impact of technology on humans, … Continue reading

Long way from the future.. #edcmooc

… maybe all of these visions for technology in schools (good or bad) are farther away than we thought. In the evening, I’m pondering the future of education and the role that technology will play in my eLearning & Digital Culture MOOC (#edcmooc). But in the morning, I pack my kids back-packs, with their plastic zip-lock … Continue reading

MOOC: Surprising first reflections on #edcmooc

So I finally made the commitment to sign-up and try a MOOC, or a Massively Open Online Course. My course of choice has been “e-Learning and Digital Cultures“, which looks at how our online lives are bleeding into our physical presence. The course challenges students to reflect on the positive and negative impacts technology has … Continue reading